New aprons and tea towels

-The Salmagundi Collection

lalabuds designs by artist Rebecca Carr

Bringing a splash of colour to your kitchen

Foodie love

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1. Salmagundi set of three teatowels with 3 cards £22 inc UK Delivery

2. Salamgundi Pear teatowel £8.50 including UK delivery

3. Salmagundi Olive Branch teatowel £8.50 UK delivery

4. Salmagundi Avocado teatowel £8.50 inc UK delivery

- Artistic mastery
Lalabuds by artist Rebecca Carr creates fabrics of incandescent beauty and remarkable kitchen power for the spiritual foodie

5. Salmagundi Olive Branch Apron (with grey fabric ties( £20 incl UK delivery

8. Salmagundi Olive Branch Apron (with cerise fabric ties), teatowel and card set £27 including delivery


6. Salmagundi Pear Apron ( with oatmeal fabric ties) £20 incl UK delivery

9. Salamgundi Pear Apron (with oatmeal fabric ties), teatowel and card set £27 including delivery

7. Salmagundi Avocado Apron (with navy blue fabric ties) £20 incl delivery

10. Salmagundi Avocado Apron (with blue fabric tape), teatowel and card set £27 including delivery

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