new designs

New lalabuds card designs

We have had a spate of sad stories over the last few weeks, we seem to be living in an era where reason is in question, as a humanist I see this as all the more reason to try and make the good things work. I have been taking sometime to make new illustrations (it is a focused process being a creative and the making needs a calm and quiet space!). I'm continuing to build up the trade side of my card business, my catalogue is nearly ready and will be going out to customers this week.  

All trade orders are intially on Proforma and I do not supply the card rack - if you are a larger company of course I have some flexibility, I would like to listen to how you run your business and see if it works for us both.  I have gradually built up this set of illustrations over the last few years and would like to thank the businesses who continue to support my work. Here's a peak at the first proofs of some of the new designs.  E-mail with any enquires

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