How lalabuds is complying with the new GDPR privacy policy.

The GDPR EU privacy policy is due to commence on the 25th May 2018.

Here's an update of how I use your data with my small business lalabuds.

Personal data is collected for marketing purposes (newsletters, updates and correspondence) and sales.

The data is collected on paper and electronically.  It is either stored in a filing cabinet at the business address, on the hard drive (e.g. excel invoicing), on mailchimp marketing software (name, e-mail), paypal (name, address, e-mail) for purchases and refunds or etsy (click to see their policies).

E-mails sent to are connected to becxcarr@gmail.comand stored there.  Any gmail servers in the EU are GDPR compliant, any outside of EU may not be.

Data collected for purchases on etsy will soon restrict direct access to e-mail addresses, yet still enable conversation on the site.

Communication on Whatsapp is encrypted and not stored in any additional drives/clouds etc.

Communication by mobile is collected on stored in the address book on the device.
Personal data collected is with consent, so far this has been mainly through personal conversations at events, face to face networking and social media networking.

Data is collected as a combination of names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

You have a right to:
Request removal of data or unsubscribe
Ask for details of your data
Ask for any information to be rectified
Ask how it is processed
A right to portablility
A right to object

Under UK tax law, for invoice purposes, your data is required to be kept of a minimum of 6 years.  It will be destroyed after 8 years maximum.

lalabuds by Rebecca Carr is registered on the public register of data controllers.

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